Packaging for the great outdoors

With time, space, staff and facilities all at a premium, outdoor catering poses its own set of challenges.

Café Connections can help you rationalise your packaging – pinpointing practical core products that can do a number of different jobs. Packaging that is easy for staff to work with so that they can handle greater throughput and keep queues down and that makes your customers experience a positive one to increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Outdoor food village
Champagne flutes
Burger in tray
Strawberry cups

Outdoor events frequently require contractors to conform to very specific environmental policies. Here again we can make your life easier by guiding you to packaging that will meet this criteria.

We’re an essential ingredient of summer picnics, popups, streetfood and farmers markets.

Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll have a clear blue sky, we can certainly provide you with plenty of originality, reliability – and sheer enthusiasm.