Introducing Café Connections

Brimming over with good ideas, Café Connections is as enthusiastic now as when we first opened our doors back in 2002.

Bringing together the best products on the market

As a distributor it is our job to choose the very best from the multitude of packaging available on the market – so that we are able to offer our customers a tip-top and truly comprehensive range. Packaging that looks good, works well and ticks all the environmental boxes. Imagine the time it saves having all your needs met by one supplier. You can order back of house items such as janitorials from us too.

A range that constantly evolves

We are always on the look out for bright new ideas, higher performing or more environmentally friendly materials and keener prices. The Café Connections range grows and adapts on a daily basis.

You can rely on us

Despite our significant growth, Café Connections remains a privately owned and run three generation family business. The integrity of our business is important to us which is why maintaining the highest standards is given absolute priority

We are members of the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) that promotes the responsible manufacture, sourcing, distribution, usage and disposal of food and foodservice packaging.

Our entire workforce makes an important contribution to our success and we are proud of how many long serving members of staff work with us. We support apprenticeships and training is an ongoing process for everyone.

Job Swap Image

“I really enjoy job swap – which is when we get a chance to work alongside our colleagues in a completely different section of the company. This gives us a good understanding of everyone’s different roles and the impact we each make to the company’s overall performance.”

Danielle in customer services finds out what it’s like getting deliveries through to our London customers.

Happy to go the extra mile

In the unlikely event we don’t stock what you need, we may be able to source it for you – or if there isn’t a suitable product on the market our production team can help you create a bespoke solution.

We hate saying ‘no’