Ten practical reasons why it makes sense to choose Café Connections

1 Constantly evolving range: We add to our range on a daily basis to help keep your packaging looking as fresh as your food.

2 Clear environmental information: Our range is predominantly eco-friendly and where possible manufactured in the UK/EU to minimise the carbon footprint. We stay bang up-to-date with developments in order to provide customers with clear and straightforward information.

3 A supplier for all your needs: Rationalise your ordering and buy consumables and janitorials from us. This can save you time and also help you meet minimum order values and discount targets to save money. We will even buy in products especially for you.

4 Unlimited access to advice: Make full use of the advice and information we are happy to give rather than waste time searching the internet for clues.

5 Prompt delivery: Space is at a premium for most of our customers. We operate a 1-2 day delivery service Monday-Friday with our own drivers covering the London area.

6 No automatic substitutes: In the unlikely event that we cannot fulfil an item on your order we will discuss with you what options are available. It’s your choice not ours and we’ll not send you any unwelcome surprises.

7 No blanket price increases: We increase prices on individual items not across our whole range. It’s why many customers are surprised to find that when a new price list comes into force there is no change to the cost of their regular purchases. Indeed there were 58 reductions in the 2023 price list.

8 Keeping in touch via Social Media: We’re really active on social media – follow us to lean about new products and special offers and watch our vlogs to enjoy bite sized packaging advice. You’ll find we’re keen to spread the word about our customers too.

9 Flexibility in the 24/7 world: We know that you don’t work 9-5 – and neither do we! If you need a delivery, meeting or discussion outside of normal working hours please ask and we will do our best to accommodate this.

10 Help is at hand: When something goes wrong, we’ll put it right. Your fault, our fault, someone else’s fault – what’s important is that we help you out of a jam. If anyone can, we can.