Delivery fit packaging

When Deliveroo burst onto the scene many of our customers suddenly began to take home delivery seriously. The pandemic encouraged even more to get their menu out onto the road as they looked at new ways of operating through the crisis. We have been helping them get this new revenue stream off the ground by advising on changes or additions needed to their packaging.

Delivery is not the same as takeaway and the packaging you have used successfully for many years may not be suitable. It may need to be more robust, offer better insulation or be microwavable. Very probably the dimensions of various boxes and bags will need to change to fit more securely in the delivery backpack/top box and you may want to consider extras such as napkins, cutlery, wipes, sauces.

Stackable delivery box
Paper bag packing

Our range is extensive – everything from fast food essentials to more specialist packaging solutions. For some we know economy has to be key, whilst others are looking for something with a little more flair.

New and inventive ideas are being discussed with us every day and we are more than happy to give you all the time and assistance you need on the packaging side of things to make your new ventures work. We can chat through suggestions, email over visuals and send you samples to try on site. Please ask us – we are genuinely here to help.

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