The environment
– food packaging’s greatest challenge

Our name may not contain the words Nature, Veg or Eco but Café Connections was one of the first distributors to take environmental issues seriously and our range has always reflected this.

We select products with care and closely follow industry advances as well as public and political opinion to ensure that we keep abreast of new developments.

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You’ll get no ‘greenwashing’ from us

There is unfortunately a great deal of ‘misinformation‘ peddled in the marketplace and understandably many conflicting views as to how best we can package takeaway food responsibly.

Whilst there may not always be a straightforward answer – you can rely on Café Connections to stay abreast of developments and provide you with plain and honest information. So that you can make informed decisions regarding your packaging that will help you care for the environment – and also your business.

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The Plastic Debate

No-one should under-estimate the damage that plastic can cause to the environment – but it is useful to look at the issue from all angles. Plastic itself is not really our enemy, in fact it still has a lot to offer us in terms of hygiene, shelf life, strength and economy. The real problem is how we are disposing of it.

Single use plastic isn’t single use when it can be recycled – which is why we have built up an extensive selection of PET and RPET clear packaging which is now widely and easily recycled.

Hot cups

Recyclable Versus Compostable

Tell your customers you care

Hang a poster confirming you use environmentally friendly packaging.