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Is your packaging up to the job?  

With Deliveroo and similar services bursting onto the scene, everyone it seems is offering home/office delivery! If you are considering getting your menu out on the road, we’re here to help you get this new revenue stream successfully off the ground.

Delivery is very different to takeaway – which may mean that the packaging you have used successfully for years is no longer adequate. It may need to be more robust, offer better insulation or leakproof capability – or be microwavable. Very probably the dimensions of various boxes and bags will need to change – and you need to remember all those important extras such as napkins, cutlery, wipes, sauces etc.


Sturdy multi-functional carry box

Our new stylish black boxes are great for your takeaway customers – but as you can see we've designed this so that the handles fold down flat to make it equally useful for your delivery service to stack. Dimensions 310 x 225 x 150mm – stock code CARBX01.

Delivery boxDelivery boxDelivery box

We have all been disappointed at a soggy mass arriving at our door rather than the special treat we had anticipated.  Let’s work together to give your delivery service the best possible chance of dropping off a truly excellent meal to your customers – that they will then order again and again – and again.

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