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Want to brand your packaging – or needing to adapt a product to suit your particular needs?  

Here at Café Connections we leave nothing to chance – which is why we are one of the only distributors to have a dedicated production team that will look after your job throughout every stage of the production process.  

Major national brands

We can work with you to assemble an entire range of packaging suitable for your stores – that will not just look good but will fit in with the way your staff work and perform well in the equipment you use.

Branding bulky packaging is not like printing a glossy brochure - and we are adept at liaising between your designers and the various manufacturers concerned to finalise a design that can be reproduced well throughout the range and with all the various materials and finishes involved.

Electric CoffeePhoHilliard

Branded goods can be called off by your individual sites or you may prefer us to deliver to central warehouses in pallet quantities.  Just tell us what you need.

If you are taking the first step...

Branding can seem a rather daunting prospect. Just lean on us and brand with ease.

We will happily explain terminology that you may not have encountered before; provide lots of support to your designer if he/she is not used to dealing with packaging; and will always clearly outline any costs before you incur them.

Let us help you get your name out onto the High Street and grow! If you'd like a general chat about what product might work for you then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0345 123 2994. That's what we're here for.


Design that is both creative – and practical

Our smaller customers do not always have a designer on board; our national clients frequently want to see how their corporate design can be rolled out over a new packaging range.

That's all something we can help with. Our designer works with packaging every single day – he can create new and imaginative design concepts for your business from scratch – or he can take your logo and apply it to the various packaging items you are considering.

We’ll keep an eye on stock levels too

Nearly all of our customers store their branded goods with us and call them off alongside their regular site orders for generic products. This means that you do not tie up valuable floor space – and also allows us to monitor your usage and stock levels so that we can prompt when a reprint needs to be organised. Just something else your busy staff do not have to worry about.

Your image is important – we're here to help you take care of it

We believe that the personal touch saves you time and money.
Call us now on 0345 123 2994 to let us guide you to the perfect product.

The personal touch

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Bespoke packaging

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our clients include hospitals, contract caterers, tourists attractions and many more...

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You name it, we will almost certainly stock it!


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Is your packaging up to the job?


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Bespoke design

Full support with branding



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