Ten practical reasons why it makes sense to choose Café Connections

A range that doesn’t stand still

Our customers are always on the lookout for something new which is why we add new products to our range on a daily basis – to help keep you looking as fresh as your food.

0345 123 2994 – Just one number for all your needs

Rationalise your purchasing and buy ancillary products from us such as janitorials. Not only does this save you time, it helps you easily reach minimum order values for free delivery and achieve your discount targets. We are also happy to order in items that you specifically want  so that you can call those in with your regular site orders. Call now on 0345 123 2994.

our team

Unlimited access to advice

We actively encourage our customers to phone and talk to us. Make full use of the advice and information we are happy to give and cut down on the time spent in front of the screen searching the internet for clues.

Prompt delivery

We deliver Monday-Friday. Orders placed before midday (2pm London) are despatched same-day on a 1-2 day delivery service. As most sites have little storage space this can be of real benefit.  

No automatic substitutes

In the unlikely event that we cannot fulfil an item on your order we practise that long forgotten art of picking up the phone and speaking to you. If you are unable to wait until the required item comes into stock then we’ll discuss with you practical alternative options that may suit as an interim. It’s your choice, not ours. We don’t send you any unpleasant surprises.

Next working day delivery

Multisite support

If you are running a multisite operation you may want to restrict the products ordered by your sites to ensure uniformity or tighter budget control. We are pleased to help our customers assemble their own particular product range and can create illustrated shopping lists which help sites with choice and ordering. Our customer service team of course have access to this information so that they can effectively communicate and guide your sites when they phone us.

We are also pleased to provide monthly reports on site usage or order values to assist head office.  

No blanket price increases

You may be surprised to learn that when you receive a new price list from us (approximately once per year) that not all prices have increased. Indeed in May 2013 there was no change to 85% of our product range – and a large proportion of our customers found that none of their regular purchases were effected at all. This is because we only pass on those increases that we can no longer absorb ourselves.

One of our many products

News updates

Customers who sign up to our regular newsletter are kept in the loop about great new products as they arrive through our door.

Flexibility in the 24/7 world

We know that you don’t work 9-5 – and neither do we! If you need a delivery, meeting or discussion outside of normal working hours please ask and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Help is at hand

When something goes wrong, we’ll put it right. Your fault, our fault, someone else’s fault – what’s important is that we help you out of a jam. If anyone can, we can.

We believe that the personal touch saves you time and money.
Call us now on 0345 123 2994 to let us guide you to the perfect product.

The personal touch

Use our call back form and we'll get back to you the next working day


Bespoke packaging

Design service available

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one of our takeaway food trays

Our products

You name it, we stock it for hot and cold food and drinks and much more...

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our clients include canteens and cafeterias

Who uses us

our clients include hospitals, contract caterers, tourists attractions and many more...

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You name it, we will almost certainly stock it!

You name it, we will almost certainly stock it!


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Re-Usable Cups

Re-usable cups now in stock


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Is your packaging up to the job?

Is your packaging up to the job?


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Bespoke design

Full support with branding



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